Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lucha Shark Sculpt Progress

Here are some hq pics of my working sculpt for what I plan on becoming my Lucha Shark figure. Conceptually highly indebted to the Inaction Figures by my friends Steve Seeley and Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!, this work in progress figure is a combination of kitbashed parts and original sculpting. I  intend to have these figured produced in resin by my friend, The Godbeast and make them available to the public in limited edition colorways.
The casting process places certain constraints upon how certain design elements can be represented and features such as undercuts can be replicated. The next stage of  the creative process is to collaborate with TGB about exactly what in the sculpt presents casting issues and resolving them in a creative way. I'm also toying around with having the Luchador mask design actually sculpted into the figure, So that's another creative direction that I might be exploring.
All in all, this is going to be another piece in the classic 5.5" figure style that will focus upon a specific corner of the Galaxxor universe and show some love for all of those great anthro-themed properties of the 80's and 90's.

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